There is nothing Like Chance Encounters Rather these are Cosmic Connections

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By Mukta Kaushik

NEW DELHI : The world in which we are living nothing happens by chance, every single meeting and chance encounter serves a greater purpose. Sometimes people come who are not meant to stay forever at Other times they come to just teach us lessons, sometimes these people come to open us up to experiences even if it meant pain.

Some of the paths which we tread are rougher than others but then these paths are essential to our life journey. 5 type of cosmic connections you will encounter:

1. Ones who awakes us to reality

These people make us realize the difference between expectation and reality. Once you meet them, you would wish never to meet them again. Remember not everyone is positive; negativity is also important for growth. Once, the lesson is learned that toxic person would automatically move out of your life.

2. Those who remind us

These people walk into our lives to remind us of our goals, to help us remain focused and to prevent us from falling into the abyss of a dynamic modern lifestyle.

3. Those who help us grow

These are our guides and soulmates. With these people, you won’t grow on your own, but both of you will grow and ‘reshape’ into something different. Something, which does not know “You” and “I” but only “We”. It is sort of holy communion.

4. People that hold space for us to realize ourselves

They appear in our life like the wind. They appear, make us happy and cheerful for the time being, make us realize our potential and then leaves before we can realize all that. These small time frame may have a bigger meaning in our life.

5. Those who stay

They are very scarce and almost impossible to find. However, if you do meet them, they will stick until the end. Best way to find them is to patiently wait for them.

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