A hidden epidemic affecting 850 million people around the world

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New York: Do you know that the Kidney disease has emerged as a “hidden epidemic” affecting more than 850 million people worldwide, state renal experts. This number is twice the  number of diabetic patients (422 million) and 20 times the number of people suffering from cancer (42 millions) or HIV/AIDS (36.7 million). But most people don’t realize that kidney disease is a major health issue.

The Chronic Kidney disease

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) progressively affects your kidney function, to the point at which your organ loses its capacity to produce urine and eliminate toxins from the  blood.

Those who are diagnosed with this ailment often go to the health clinics when the disease reaches its advanced stage as it has no early symptoms as such. The patients then have to subject themselves to daily therapies that substitute kidney functions and require hours of procedures. There is only one option for patients; a kidney transplant. But many don’t receive these lifesaving treatments due to cost or lack of resources.

CKD might lead to heart ailments

According to the European Dialysis and Transplant Association, many patients with damaged kidney function don’t feel ill, and this makes them more vulnerable towards other health problems such as heart ailments.

If data are to be referred then around 1.2 million cardiovascular deaths attributed to chronic kidney disease were reported in 2013.

The numbers are alarming

According to the American  Society of Nephrology, the number of people with kidney diseases is alarmingly high, but the public is not unaware of this reality. Kidneys remove waste products and help balance the volume of fluids and minerals in your body. They also produce a hormone that tells the body to make red blood cells, the researchers explained.

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