This is what you should do to control weight gain in old age

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Maryland, United States. Weight gain a most concerned term in today’s lifestyle. Many people find themselves increasing their weight, over a span of time with their growing age. People find their metabolism responsible for the excessive weight gain. But the truth is completely different from our conceptions and myths.
Age-related weight gain is strongly connected, with our everyday activity sequence starting from age of 30 according to the National Institute of Health.

what is metabolism?
Metabolism is the combination of various biochemical that our body uses to convert food to energy. This process includes actives like breathing, eating, processing the food.

Metabolism boosting is a phrase
“Burn your calories” body has the self-sufficient function to burn the calories, according to our everyday activities. The rate at which we digest our food and amount of energy we burn is totally different.
By following the regular same diet we tend to grow lazier. Researchers say that metabolism is not connected with our gradual weight gain.

Just by following a few steps we could initiate great change

– Just by making few regular changes in your routine, would help you to shed those extra fatties.
– Adding gym in your routine or opting for stairs in office rather than the elevator works.
– A new research suggests that adding a few steps to your routine like moving inches, Opting kickboxing or 30 min brisk walk would give tremendous results.
– Regular activities give great benefits to body and mind.

A study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association used data on physical activity and death rates from national surveys of more than 4,800 adults.

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