Aliens do exist, unidentified flying object sighted; watch the video here…

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In an astonishing revelation about aliens, conspiracy theorists have come up with another UFO sighting where alien hunters have spotted mysterious triangular-shaped spacecraft travelling through the bolt of lightning. What’s even more extraordinary is that the supposed UFO is following the path of the lightning very easily. This is what sparked the interest of conspiracy theorists, because according to them, a human-made spacecraft wouldn’t have been able to do such a thing.

The Youtuber called “Secoreteam10” constantly posts videos about aliens and UFO sightings and has also uploaded a lengthy video in which you can clearly see the triangle-shaped object that is flying exactly through the lightning bolt. According to the YouTuber, the spacecraft may be using the light from the bolt as its path. Or, it might have come near it to harness its energy through some very-advanced technique. It’s interesting that after it was uploaded, the video went viral, and many users shared it on social media receiving thousands of likes. In less than 24 hours, the video gathered over 225,000 views.

In recent years, the fascination with alien life has become so big that even space agencies are now searching for forms of extraterrestrial life. Recently, a team of experts has suggested that we should use artificial intelligence to find more proof of alien life. The researchers think that the rapid developments of artificial intelligence might help us predict the probability of alien life existence on other planets.

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