AMNESTY: UP, Gujarat and Bihar tops in hate crime

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New Delhi: The Opposition blames that “Hate Crime” has increased in the country during the BJP government. These allegations are considered false and derogatory by the present government, but the report  by  Amnesty international confirms these allegations by the opposition right.

What does the Amnesty report say?

According to the Amnesty International India’s latest report, 100 incidents of Hate Crimes have occurred in the country in the last 6 months of 2018. The victims of these hate crime were mostly dalit, tribal, minority and transgender.

UP and Gujarat top the list

According to Amnesty’s report, UP is at the top with 18 events of Hate Crimes. Whereas Gujarat is on the 2nd position with 13 incidents of mob lynching and other hate crimes, Bihar and Tamilnadu are in the third position with 7 such incidents occurring in the last 6 months.  

Dalits and Muslims are on the target

According to the report by Amnesty International India, the incidences of hate crimes have been mostly against Dalits and Muslims. There are 67 incidences of Hate Crimes against Dalits and 22 incidences against Muslims. Most cases are associated with violence and honour killings on the assumption of beef consumption. Western areas of UP have been described as the most sensitive.

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