Artificial skin which is capable of treating bruises on its own

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Riyad: Scientists have been successful in developing an electronic skin that can treat itself. It can be used as a drug containing bandage for making prosthesis and healing wound. This artificial skin is 3,400 percent more flexible than  and comes back to its original form immediately. The electronic skin is also sensitive to touch. 

Who did the research?

Scientists of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), situated in Tuval, Saudi Arabia, have developed their own unique electronic skin. The effect of artificial skin has been tested on mice, which has been quite successful. Scientists have claimed that this is the most astonishing research done so far in this field.

How was the e-skin developed

According to KUST Professor Husam Alsharif  The electronic skin has been constructed from hydrogel and metal carbide. Its specialty is that it can stick to many layers. When it is cut into pieces, it immediately gets attached and repairs itself. “They say this new discovery has left behind all the hydrogel earlier.

The e- skin is capable of sensitivity

According to the chief author Yizhou Zhang, who’s also research and PhD student of the University, that different sensitivities for pulling and connecting this material are a successful search. It adds a new dimension to the sensitivity capacity of the already existing hydrogel. The biggest advantage of this e-skin is that you can feel the senses of touch and experience any kind of pressure that is exerted on your skin. Not only this,  the e-skin is capable of giving you an experience of temperature and humidity as well.

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