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Artificial Sweeteners More Harmful Than Sugar

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Excessive Use of ‘Sugar-Free’ leads to various illnesses

Hormonal Imbalance, obesity, and undisciplined lifestyle are the major causes of increasing number of a diabetic. Diabetics often use artificial sweeteners like Sugar-Free to compensate the absence of sugar in their food. But the excess use of these artificial sweeteners can cause various kinds of health problems. More on the topic by Shivam Agnihotri of

Medical Association Journal of Canada published a report about the use of artificial sweeteners. 4,06,000 people were surveyed and it was found that regular use of artificial sweetener increases the risk of problems of the heart, blood pressure, kidney, and strokes. Regular use of artificial sweeteners can also cause Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. Using of artificial sweeteners can adversely affect the body and so should be consumed only after consultation with the doctor. According to the PLOS Journal, consuming artificial sweeteners increases the risk of diabetes by 1% if 150 calories of the artificial sweetener are consumed.

According to the doctors, sugar is not a necessity for the body but consuming 30 to 50 gram per day is feasible and in the limit. Sugar patients are advised not to consume normal sugar, but they feel the need to consume sugar many times. Keeping in mind the needs of the sugar patients, artificial sweeteners were developed. Scientists have formulated such products which have zero calories and taste exactly like sugar which can be consumed by the diabetics.

What is Sugar-Free or Artificial Sweeteners?

Artificial Sweeteners are man-made chemicals which cannot be digested by the human body. Artificial Sweeteners are of five types: Aspartame, Acessalpham, Sacren, Sucrals, and Stevia. Sucralose is almost 600 times sweeter than the normal sugar. In the same way, Aspartame, Methionine and Phenyl alanine are formed after combining with the amino acids, they are the also formed in the human body after the processing of the protein. Aspartame is 200 times sweeter than the normal sugar and it should not be heated at a high temperature as its sweetness is affected after a certain point. Sacren is 300 times, Acessalpham is 300 times, Saeclamet is 30-40 times sweeter than the normal sugar. Stevia is very harmful to people who are allergic to Ragweed, Marigolds, Daisy and related plants and it might also lead to inflammation but still, people consider it a healthy alternative to sugar.

Ill Effects of Sugar-Free Tablets

Consuming sugar-free for a long duration gives rise to many complications but sometimes people don’t show such symptoms. Ill effects can be life threatening also and should never be ignored. Excessive use of these tablets can lead to insomnia, irritation, arthritis, nervous system complication, stress, deafness, depression, migraine, Neuritis, neuropathy, etc.

A Word with the Doctors

Dr. P.K. Shukla of Vivekanand Hospital informs that sugar is not a necessity for the sugar. On an average 30-50 grams of sugar can be consumed per day exceeding which, leads to increase in the level of glucose. High level of sugar in the body leads to advance glycosylation which directly affects the kidney.

Dietician Dr. Sudipti of KGMC informs to check the label of the product to check its carbohydrates contents. If you prefer its taste and your body is able to handle it in a productive way, you can consume it. There is no proven fact that it is harmful or not to the humans.

Dr. Jawed Ahmed tells about the constricted diet plan of a diabetes patient and special diet plans are formulated particularly for them. Doctors are requested to give proper care and attention to the diabetes patients and medicines should be judiciously used for curing the disease.

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