Pregnancy after 35 can be Dangerous

Posted by - October 22, 2018
BY- Mukta Kaushik According to a research carried out by Sandra Davidge, Executive Director of the Women and Children’s Health Research Institute at Alberta University, Canada, it was established that…
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EDUTAINMENT and Behavior Change

Posted by - September 26, 2018
NEW DELHI :  This article elaborates on “That TV shows are better equipped for inducing behavioral change in the masses rather than just behavioral change campaigns. To justify the above…
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Is Yogurt as beneficial as it seems?

Posted by - September 25, 2018
 NEW DELHI : Yogurt though considered a healthy food, may not be much beneficial for health, suggests a study  published by the British Medical Journal. Researchers surveyed the sugar content…
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Farting and Lasting Relationship

Posted by - September 23, 2018
NEW DELHI :  Farting is a natural process and once you feel like farting it generally cannot be controlled and should not be controlled. But early in the childhood people…
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Signs of a True Gentleman

Posted by - September 16, 2018
By Mukta kaushik NEW DELHI : The idea of the Gentleman grew out of the traditions of knighthood. While concepts of knighthood and honor have lost relevance, some of the…
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