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‘Bad Man’ Tej Sapru Set to Become Good!

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Bollywood’s veteran ‘Bad Man ‘ Tej Sapru who has acted in movies like Mohra, Gupt, Rangeela etc is now shedding his image. For this purpose, Tej Sapru has turned to television shows. Tej sapru was in Lucknow in promoting his upcoming TV serial “Aarambh” to be aired on Star Plus. Talking to Deepali Agrahari of the2is.com, Tej Sapru revealed his future plans.

Did you ever strive to bag the lead role in movies rather than playing a villain?

I was mostly offered roles of a villain’s brother or son. Since my father (actor Sapru) was not keeping well; I took up whatever roles were offered to me.

Have you ever played a lead role in movies?

Yes, in movies like Cobra, Laparwah and Suraksha.

Your father was famous for his negative characters, did you follow his footsteps?

My father started his Bollywood career with lead roles in movies, but later he began playing negative roles. Perhaps this is how I also got into playing negative roles too.

These days we see more of you on small screen, have you ceased working in movies?

I have been typecast as a Bollywood’s villain. Now, I want to try something new that I have not done so far, to change my image as a villain. Given an opportunity, I would definitely work in movies. I think TV shows are the best medium to change my image.

Have you ever done any positive roles?

I am all set to play a positive character in an upcoming movie “ Guns of Banaras” which also happens to be Vinod Khanna’s last movie. I am playing the actress’s father, while Vinod Khanna plays the actor’s father.

Tej Sapru In Lucknow
Tej Sapru In Lucknow

How was the experience of working with Tanuja Mukherjee?

Tanuja ji was my mother’s good friend. Working with Tanuja was an exceptional experience. She always applauds my on-screen performances.

How did you get into the skin of your character in the serial Aarambh?

I am playing a sage in the serial. I thoroughly read the script and my character to get into the skin of the character.

You have worked in movies in 13 different languages; can you speak all of these?

I am proficient in Hindi and Marathi, however, I know Punjabi and can read Guajarati.

What’s your opinion about CM of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adiyanath?

I am very much impressed with Yogi  Adityanath. It’s hard to believe that a CM could be so simple yet commendable in his working style.

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