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Ban Branded Medicines to Promote Janaushadhi: Doctors

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Government of India’s Janaushadhi stores provides 450 generic drugs in UP at low price through Janaushadhi stores.

Lack of patronage by doctors and no publicity main hurdle in earnest implementation.

By Saujanya Tripathi,
The concept of Jan Aushadhi Kendra, which was launched in 2008 by the Department of Pharmaceuticals (DoP) to provide affordable and quality generic medicines to the poor patients in the country, is facing hurdles in providing succor to the needy just because of disinterest of doctors who do not prescribe generic medicines. Besides, there is lack of awareness and publicity about generic medicines and Janaushadhi Kendras among general public. However, in a move that can rattle pharmaceutical companies and doctors, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has hinted that the government could be bringing a new law to ensure doctors prescribe generic drugs instead of the current practice of branded names.

Presently there are 150 Janaushadhi stores merely in Uttar Pradesh where 450 generic medicines are being sold. In Lucknow there are only four Janaushadhi stores (Indira Nagar, Deva Road, Latouche road and Jankipuram). On April 18th, the first store under PM Janaushadhi Kendra scheme was inaugurated in Rampur. This is the first store in the whole division. 

Raghuveer Chaudhary who runs the Janaushadhi Kendra in Indiranagar, Lucknow, laments that the earnings are very low in comparison to a normal drugs store. He said that customers demand branded medicines only as most people do not know the generic salt name of the drugs. Raghuveer, says that the government must create awareness among public about such stores and medicines.Sharing details of his shop and staff he said that he is unable to meet the expenditure on staff, shop and other infrastructures by concentrating only on Janaushadhi drugs. It is the only reason that he is forced to keep some other products as well for running the business. According to the rules for running a Janaushadhi Kendra, the store keeper cannot keep any name of their shop except Janaushadhi Store. It causes an impression that it is Ayurvedic or a Homeopathic drug store, added Raghuveer. According to him, sale at his store is less in comparison with other medical stores as the buyers, taking Hindi name – Janaushadhi, presume it be any Ayurvedic store and so go to other medical store.

Janaushadhi stores

Doctors feign ignorance.

Doctors in government hospitals and private practitioners express ignorance about the scheme.When told about the details of the scheme, the doctors said that even if they prescribe generic medicines, the patients will find it more difficult in buying them.

Locating the store will emerge as a major hurdle. This will force patients to opt for other medicines available easily at local drug store, said Dr. Kalyani Malik, a private practitioner of Lucknow. He, however, lauded the scheme saying that it undoubtedly will benefit the poorer patients but it must be propagated well.

Dr Tarun Agarwal, another private practitioner has doubts over the reliability/effectiveness of Janaushadhi drugs. He said that we will have to dwell on generic drug’s composition as what we do prescribe carries several additional drugs. Owner of a private clinic, Ashish Kumar Srivastav also commended Janaushadhi and called for strict ban on branded medicines. He said GOI’s drug scheme undoubtedly is unique step in providing best medicines at cheaper rate. He said the private doctors must be provided these medicines so that they can provide it directly to the patients providing them its benefit.

Janaushadhi stores

Government Health officials also are unaware

CMO, Lucknow, G.S. Bajpeyee expressed ignorance about this scheme saying he yet has not received any order on behalf of state government. While Dr. S. Ahirwar, senior dermatologist at RML Hospital, Gomtinagar said that Janaushadhi drugs must be availed to the government hospitals banning the licensed dug stores.

Procedure of Opening Janaushadhi Store

Anyone else can open Janaushadhi stationary store/mobile store at home or anywhere else by registering with BPPI producing required documents. The individuals/firms/NGOs can set up Janaushadhi store in any part of their city/town or village. They must hire a pharmacist as on contractual basis. According to Vrajesh Chaturvedi the Nodal Manager of UP, the applicants seeking to open Janaushadhi store must fill up mandatory application and send it at its HQ enclosing DD worth 3100 rupees, map of store’s location, PAN Card, Aadhar card, pharmacist’s documentations/contractual consent, etc.

Janaushadhi stores

GOI (Government of India) plans to set up 3000 Janaushadhi stores in UP within a year. The individuals seeking to open store must have refrigeration facility as well. The BPPI provides free medicines worth 53000 to the handicapped individuals and SC/ST. Besides it provides financial assistance also in the form of 15% extra commission while generally 20% commission has got to be paid on sales of generic medicines. In order to protect stores from competition the BPPI allows stores to be set up at not less than 1 kilometer’s distance.

Drawbacks before BPPI

Nodal manager of Uttar Pradesh, Vrajesh Chaturvedi revealed that Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadhi scheme needs publicity and proper support of media as powerful corporate world of medicines/drugs are not letting government’s Janaushadhi function successfully. He informed that only 4 stores have been opened at Lucknow in Indira Nagar, Jankipuram, Latouche road and Deva Road as multinational branded companies are posing hurdles by compelling doctors of government hospitals and private clinics to prescribe only their medicines.

He said that patients do not rely on any substitute or generic medicine. Condemning the doctors, Vrajesh said that they put doubts in the mind of patients raising question over its genuineness. Vrajesh said that Janaushadhi medicines are manufactured at government labs (NABL). They are issued certificate by the government of India after several rounds of lab.

Janaushadhi stores

In Small Districts Janaushadhi Stores are Increasing

In comparison with Lucknow and other big cities the small districts and towns have emerged as the major hubs of Janaushadhi. Merely in Amethi more than a dozen drug stores have been set up.

Number of Janaushadhi Stores in India

Presently it has more one thousand stores spread across India. 

Janaushadhi stores

For exact address you may visit www.janaushadhi.com . BPPI also sells its medicines through mobile stores.

Generic Drug

A generic drug is a chemically equivalent and low-cost version of a branded drug, costing 30-80 per cent less. A branded drug and its generic version have the same active ingredient, dosage, safety, efficacy, usage directions, quality, performance and intended use.

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