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Banaras Hindu University protest echoes in University of Hyderabad campus

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Hyderabad: In light of the sexual assault against girl students of the Banaras Hindu University (BHU), students in Telangana showed their solidarity, by organising protests in the city. A general meeting which was held at the University of Hyderabad was attended by a large number of students from other universities too.

They stressed on the need for setting up of gender sensitisation of committees in all universities and state colleges. Sunita Rao, a student, says, “In this era, when everyone encourages their girl children to be educated, we must also ensure  their safety before anything else. Having a gender sensitisation committee, will make sure that girl students will have a strong voice. Or else, it will just be a case of the security guard at BHU who questioned the girl for her behaviour.”

During the meet, the students also questioned the lack of response by the administration. “The protest held by the girl students is for their safety which should be provided by any institution. The administration must lend them its support and ensure that the wrongdoers are punished,” said a student.

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