Beware! Commercial whitening toothpastes are eroding your enamel

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London: Do you use whitening toothpaste, which claims to whiten and brighten your teeth like pearls? If the answer is in yes, then you need to give it a second thought.  These toothpastes rather erode your teeth rather than whitening it.

Dentists warn

Dr. Rona Iskander, London’s popular dentist, has warned people against such toothpaste. According to Dr. Iskander, a 26-year-old woman who bought a similar toothpaste and used it regularly, her teeth indeed started to shine but there was a serious malfunction in them. According to Dr. Iskender, most of these whitening  toothpastes erode the tooth enamel.

How these toothpastes damage your teeth

According to the dentist, the continuous use of these toothpastes, to polish your teeth like pearls, erodes the upper layer of the teeth. According to Dr. Iskender, people love to see their whitened and brightened teeth, but less do they know about the damage caused by these toothpastes. 

The major threat agents

Nowadays, all the companies are making toothpaste, which have active charcoal. Companies claim that the active charcoal present in the toothpastes are the agents which help in brightening the teeth, but if dentists are to be believed thisc active  charcoal all the more damages the teeth. The reason for this is that there are small particles of coal present in the toothpaste, when these particles continuously  come in contact with  our teeth they erode the enamel.

Fluoride Free Toothpaste

Nowadays there is also trend of fluoride free toothpaste. According to Dr Iskander, the excessive use of fluoride causes teeth to be damaged and their colour changes, but it is not proper to have fluoride in the toothpaste. According to the dentist, fluoride plays a major role in preventing tooth decay and cavities. According to Dr. Iskander, people should use toothpaste, which  have 14 thousand ppm fluoride.

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