Beware! Polygraph test playing a key role in recruitment process

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New Delhi: If you’ve lied in your resume, be prepared to face a lie detector test! Corporates and even small companies are turning to the polygraph during recruitment in case of any suspicion that an applicant has made false claims in the CV. Lie detector tests are also being used to test the integrity of an employee in case of allegations of funds misappropriation or leak of sensitive information.

Truth Labs: A private forensic lab in the city, says it receives at least 20-30 cases every year from companies. The test, however, is done only with the consent of the subject. The lab is equipped with lie detector machines and experts who come from different parts of the country. Sweating, heart rate, pulse and blood pressure are measured while three types of questions are asked. Controlled, Relevant and Irrelevant questions are posed to the person, for which he/she has to give yes or no answers.

“Polygraph tests are only an investigating tool which has corroborative evidence value. Several companies are sending their employees while some send candidates for background checks during the recruitment process. In some European countries, the polygraph is a key part of the recruitment process,” Truth Labs director GVHV Prasad was reported saying by  TOI.

Kind of cases 

The lab, for now, is sticking to only employee matters and is not entertaining requests for tests to check family matters such as extramarital affairs unless there is a court order. Each polygraph test costs around 5,000 to 10,000 depending on the case. The service is also offered by another company, JK Consultancy, in the city. The English daily also reported that people wanting to prove their innocence in civil matters also approach the “Truth Lab”.

Till recently, Truth Labs was outsourcing DNA fingerprinting tests to the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology. Now they have tied up with a Delhi-based private lab for DNA fingerprinting, the  English daily reported

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