BJP and AAP political enmity hassling match making

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AAP’s huge loss in the MCD elections revealed AamAadmi Party losing support base in Delhi. BJP has been successful in retaining three municipal corporations in the national capital. However, the political clash between the two parties has adversely affected common people in Delhi, where slum dwellers are going through an awful social challenge of not being able to lead a respectable life and getting their kids married in a decent family.

Deepali Agrahari, Lucknow

MrAtuleshShukla, Director of India’s leading Research Organization, MORSEL Research and Development Pvt Ltd states “Apart from the unfulfilled basic needs, social boycott is a major concern for these slum dwellers”. Citing filthy and unhygienic conditions in slums, people residing there are being looked down by others.  So, people residing outside these slums avoid mingling with them, due to which people in slums are not able to get suitable matches for their sons and daughters.

During a survey conducted in Delhi slum areas in collaboration with Texas University, MrShukla found that people are very much concerned about the social shun they are facing. He quoted the slum dwellers “Our children are not getting proper matches outside the slums, for they are not acceptable to people living outside the slums.”

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