Can Vitamin-D supplements reduce Obesity?

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By- Mukta Kaushik

According to certain estimates, as much as 40% of the American population is Vitamin-D deficient and 7 out of 10 children shows a Vitamin-D deficiency. So, a study was conducted where it was established that a daily dose of Vitamin-D can lower the rate of obesity, cholesterol level, and overall body mass. There isn’t really any substitute for balanced nutritious diet and regular physical activity, but the weight and weight loss are key issues to American health and thus scientists are gradually uncovering more about the roles that microbes and vitamins can play.

Some of the research suggests that people with more belly fat may be Vitamin-D deficient. Not getting enough sunshine is one of the most common reasons for Vitamin-D deficiency, which leaves weaker bones and immune systems. Diets brimming with Vitamin-D rich foods like fish and milk may have protective effects against diabetes, hair-fall, and cancer, even a simple walk in the sunlight could restore it. Despite, these easy ways most Americans don’t get enough Vitamin-D.

For the research 232 obese children were studied over the course of 1 year. About half of the children were given daily Vitamin-D supplement capsules whereas 115 were given a placebo. It was found that children who received regular supplements had lower body masses, lower body fat and better cholesterol levels at the end of the 12-month study than did the children who got a placebo. Thus, thus simple Vitamin-D supplementation may reduce the risk of overweight and obese children developing serious heart and metabolic complications in later life. However, the team has not yet established the safety profile of long-term Vitamin-D supplements for children.

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