Children struggle with depression, stress

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Stress and tension has become part of everyday life these days. Though children are supposed to be free from maladies but latest researches show that even children are in the grip of depression, stress, and tension. Studies and career worries are the major cause of anxiety among children. A research conducted in Madhya Pradesh has revealed that 34 percent school children are under mental stress and they are in urgent need of counseling and care. The research was conducted by a team of Gwalior Medical College on 500 children of 15 different schools.

Government urged to take immediate steps

Dr. Raghavendra, president of Madhya Pradesh Child Rights Protection Commission has apprised the state government about the research findings. He has urged the government and educational institutions to immediately take necessary steps on this issue. The commission has also sought reports from school authorities over suicidal attempts by students just after the declaration of higher secondary exam results.

Girls under more stress

According to research findings, around 26 percent of school girls and 21 percent school boys are under immense mental stress. This is reflected in child’s behavior and attitude as well. It has been suggested to establish special health clinics to help children. Counseling plays a major role in resolving stress and depression related issues.

Major symptoms of stress

  • Loss of interest in family and social programs or functions.
  • Weak memory
  • Becoming introvert.
  • Loss of creativity.

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