‘Chili’ not only Tastes Better but Brings in Money too

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World renowned Chef Sanjeev Kapoor known for his delicious food and vast knowledge of nutritious power of food has made some valid points in regard of our favorite ingredient ‘chilies’.

An essential ingredient in the Indian kitchen, ‘chilies’ is not of Indian origin. It was first brought on the Indian soil by the Portuguese in the 15th century. Where ever it may have come from, we have made it our own and we are the largest producers and exporters of chili in the world now.

Indian love their chillies and the top 5 favorite chilies of India include:

Indian Paprika: Found in Karnataka and are in dark crimson colour.

Jwala Chillies: The common green chili puts in quite a punch and was at one time native of Gujarat.

Kanthari Chillies: These are small, fiery and healthy with lots of vitamins and minerals.

Guntur Chillies: These Andhra Pradesh grown chilies are fiery and are the major exports of the country.

Bhut Jholakia: It put us on the World chili map and was ranked at number one till the year 2011.

How to put out chili fire like a pro?

Drinking water does not relieve the burning feeling but sucking on something greasy or fatty will do it. So, suck on some milk, sugar cube, dahi or the best on some ice cream.

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