“Condom Snorting challenge”; the crazy dare goes viral on social media

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The game is called “condom-snorting challenge” and, like other dangerous and crazy dares that have swept social media, teenagers have been uploading videos demonstrating this craziness.

Imagine uncoiling a condom and stuffing it up in one of your nostrils, then plugging the other nostril and inhaling until the long piece of latex slides into your throat. Then what? You reach back and pull it from your mouth.

Now you must be thinking why would someone do that,  Apparently for the same reason young people have dared each other to pour salt in their hands and hold ice until it burns, douses themselves in rubbing alcohol and set themselves on fire or bite into colourful liquid laundry detergent packets. So it is sheer craziness which is earning these teens attention.

If you want to have a feel of it then watch the video below:

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