Diminishing Subsidy on Kerosene

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India has been spending a major chunk of amount on providing kerosene on subsidized rates. During the fiscal year 2015-16 a staggering amount of Rs. 11,496 crore was spend on the subsidy and an almost double the amount, Rs. 24,804 crore was spend on the subsidy a year before. To provide a happy break in the current trend, the spending on the subsidy in the first half of the current fiscal year has decreased considerably. An amount of only Rs. 4,123 crore was spend on the subsidy of kerosene in the first half. An official of the Petroleum ministry says that the burden on the Government expenditure in regard to the subsidy given on kerosene this year will just be over Rs. 7,000 crore, which is a major improvement in comparison to last years.

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