‘Divisive forces’ ruining India’s global reputation: Rahul Gandhi

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NEW DELHI: Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Thursday took aim at the “divisive forces” threatening India’s peace and harmony in a thinly veiled attack on the PM Modi-led BJP government.
“For thousands of years, India has had a reputation of peace and harmony. This is being challenged. There are forces in our country that are dividing India and it is very dangerous for the country and it ruins our reputation abroad,” Rahul said while addressing a gathering of NRIs in New York’s Times Square.
The Congress leader, who is in the US on a two-week-long tour, said the image of India’s as a beacon of tolerance and harmonious co-existence was being ruined by forces which seek to create a schism in the society.”The biggest questions raised outside India now are what happened to tolerance that used to prevail? What happened to the harmony?… There’s a divisive politics in India,” Rahul claimed.
He went on to say that India’s biggest asset is that 1.3 billion people lived happily, non-violently, peacefully and this was possible because of the Congress party and its ideas. Instead of engaging in divisive politics and falling apart, India should set an example to other nations of the world, Rahul added.
“India’s reputation in the world is very important. Many countries in a violent world are looking to India and saying maybe India has the answer for peaceful coexistence in the 21st century. So, we cannot afford to lose our most powerful asset,” he said.The Gandhi scion said the lack of jobs was the biggest challenge facing the country and panned the BJP government for failing to generate employment opportunities for the youth.

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