Do you know when our sun shrinks?

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New Jersey: looking to a bright ball of fire is not easy. its bright light can damage our vision. But do you know that the sun also shrinks in shape!

How does sun increase and decrease its shape?
According to researchers from the Jean-Pierre Rozelot of Université Côte d’Azur located in the US-based New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark and Niss’s in France, the sun’s diameter is even more and less. According to them, during the solar year of 11 years, the diameter of the sun decreases one to two kilometres. During this sun remains the most active. Let the sun’s diameter be 7 lakh kilometres. Thus, it does not seem to be more than one to two kilometres less.

The Sun is not as solid as a planet
Explain that the Sun is not as solid as other planets. Sun is a shell of helium gas. Although University of Hawai’i astronomer Jeff Kuhn denies this, A new research has claimed that the diameter of the sun is decreasing. Researchers have used the last 21 years of data for this. According to them, when the sun shrinks in size, then less magnetic field is produced. The magnetic field also increases when it spreads.

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