Doggies – Emotionally Loyal Friends

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Keeping pet is prestigious in the modern era.

Being loyal they can be relied upon unquestionably.

Also known as canine our dogs are the best friends of ours. In a research, it has been revealed that emotional bonding of canine with humans is too strong. It understands owner’s desires well and reciprocates accordingly. Being emotional the pet dogs have safety and affection of as most important for us.

Dog- The loyal of all

A study in 2015 proves that dogs are able to read emotional expressions of their owner’s face. The researchers from the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna also mentions that dogs respond to different patterns of sounds prioritizing emotional condolences for him and his owner. Dr. Satender Kumar Gupta of the Mr. Pat Clinic, located in Jankipuram, Lucknow, says that most the families in the modern era are nuclear and this is why hobby of keeping pet doggies is increasing rapidly.

In today’s stressful busy life our dog serves as loyal and most reliable friend replenishing the need of refreshing things like a tonic. They become an integral part of family counted as a third or fourth member of Nuclear Family. It makes emotional bonding stronger. The dogs are bestowed with the natural idiosyncrasy of behaving like family members in the family as they behave in a way the family members do. If the owner is strong the dog also will behave following strength. If the owner is physically fit, the dog also has got to be active as he emulates each activity quickly.

Human being’s best friend

Dr. S. S. Vetneri of Purania in Lucknow, K Khan says that the practice of keeping pets in people has become a lifestyle. Earlier, people preferred to keep dogs out of the house, but today they are carried along. People feel boast of sitting together with their dogs. Dr. Rajiv Pandey, of Canine Pat and Wetterry Clei, Nick, says that rather than trusting friends people rely their animals because they do not cheat and the dog is the only animal which qualifies it as being most loyal and emotional. People love dogs more than their children. Sunita Sharma of Lucknow points out that she had brought home a dog (Rocky) from Kanpur Highway in an injured condition.

She takes care of him too much but he follows her husband Ashoka’s orders because he knows well who the owner is.

Rahul Srivastava, Dog Lover of Lucknow, points out that when he gets angry his dog (Hero) calms down seeing his mood. Hero gets much emotional when he becomes emotional, said Rahul and what is most outstanding to dwell on is his coming forward to tame situation during danger.

Pankaj Yadav a retired officer explains that he goes to feed the street dogs biscuits in the morning at Lohia Park 6 and 7. Feeding the dogs provides great satisfaction meeting the needs of foods.

What is an emotional attachment?

There is an attachment between two people, which is created through sympathy itself. Studies have proven that dogs also have an emotional attachment to other species especially the humans. It has been proved that dogs are highly sensitized towards human beings a tendency that is not found in any other animal-bird.

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