Donald Trump’s look-alike going viral

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Madrid: Social media users eagerly shared news of a “Trump look-alike” living in Spain after a photo of a Spanish farmer, Dolores Leis Antelo, who lives on a farm in Cabana de Bergantinos district, went viral over the past few days.

A journalist shared the picture of the farmer holding a spade and standing in a field.

“Dolores was going to her farm to pick some cabbages,” Vazquez told Spanish news site Faro de Vigo on Tuesday. “So I talked with her for a while, while a girlfriend was taking pictures of her, I took the opportunity to take another one  with my cell phone.”

Vasquez posted the photo of Dolores on her Instagram and Facebook pages, thinking nothing of it. She initially didn’t even see the resemblance Dolores had to Trump.

People quickly began noticing the resemblance between Dolores and Trump within days. Some even began referring to her as “the cousin that Donald Trump has in Galicia.”

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