Driven by the idea of self-dependence, Raj Kumar’s story seems quite inspirational

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Lucknow:  He is a prince but only by the name. Rajkumar, in reality, is a man whose existence is nothing but of relentless struggle- day in and day out. Rajkumar is an unknown face but has an unusual presence near Sangam Chauraha in Lucknow Aliganj area. This prince works on his sewing machine till midnight under a street light!

Rajkumar’s make-shift shed (tailor shop) at Sangam Chauraha in Aliganj, Lucknow

The shanty little shed you see in the picture above is Raj Kumar’s place of residence as well as work, where he starts his day at 7 in the morning and continues working incessantly till midnight. All along the day, the humble sun is his source of light, which turns gruesomely harsh during the summer afternoons. In the night he has no option other than resorting to the street light over his makeshift tailoring shop at Sangam Chauraha in Lucknow.

In his eyes are dreams of the future, dreams that he is striving hard to achieve

Raj Kumar, a resident of Sidhauli, Sitapur had crippled his left limb by a cultivator while working in the fields, a few years back. After this accident, he was unable to carry out any tough physical task. Staying in the village and sustaining the family of six had become difficult for him.

He gathered all his courage and left home 2 years back in order to earn a living and sustain his family. His wife along with their 3 children still lives in the village and is dependent on this sole bread earner. Raj Kumar works day and night incessantly only to earn a meagre amount of Rs 3000 to 4000 per month.

Even in the bare minimum which he earns, he understands the importance of education and self-dependence. In an interview with Raj Kumar said: “I want my children to be educated but along with education I also want them to learn some chore which they can do on their own single-handedly because no one knows about the future hence it is necessary to be self-dependent”. Raj Kumar sends two of his younger sons to a government school in Sidhauli but his elder son Arun stays with him in Lucknow and learns to tailor from him.


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