Earn Money with WhatsApp easily; follow these simple steps

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New Delhi: There are many simple ways to earn money from WhatsApp specially for those who are very keen to use WhatsApp and for those who are using WhatsApp without getting any profit now just chill and enjoy more because now you can use WhatsApp to earn money or indirectly WhatsApp is going to give you money as a deserving reward. To those who are not using WhatsApp a good news for them as well that you can earn money from WhatsApp.

Here are some of the ways in which  you can earn through WhatsApp

Viralize content

  • The idea is simple, you’re going to Earn money on short links. Make short links and earn the biggest money, you register, you send them visits .
  • Once you register, explore exciting materials such as viral videos, article, and news. People like such content and love to click on such link.
  • Now you have interesting content, so shorten it through Earn money on short links. Make short links and earn the biggest money and Next you have to share it with your WhatsApp contact and other groups. You will be given money for each click on your content.
  • Affiliate marketing helps you to make money from WhatsApp. So first let’s understand what is affiliate marketing in order to simplify the process. It is a platform where you promote the specific product on behalf of company. So it is a very effective way to earn money using whatsapp.
  • If you want to make big amount online, you need to sell the product in big number in order to get good commission over each sold product.

Using PPD networks

  • PPD stands for pay per download. Basically, as per PPD network norms you will be paid if your uploaded files are downloaded by users. You are recommended to go for openload.com among others PPD WEBSITES.IT would be better than others PPD.
  • Open-load is one of the best PPD website across the globe because it gives high salary and it is quite easy to sign up and get started.
  • So, in order to earn money from whatsapp, you have to upload all the movies, images, songs and other interesting videos in openload next share the link with your friends, WhatsApp contact, on Facebook and so on. When your uploaded files and stuff are downloaded from the link, you are paid for that. For every download, you obtain some money but money may vary as per download capacity.
  • You would be allotted money for the survey completed and a successful download .this is how this pd networks function.

Promoting Applications (Apps)

  • It is also a magnificent way to make money. But this trick is unique in its way because here you don’t get money. In lieu of money, you are offered free recharge, Paytm cash etc.
  • For instant Recharge, you can use some other apps such as taskbucks, earn talk time, ladoo etc. So if you really want free recharge you have to share the referral link with your WhatsApp contact.
  • However, this is not better one but in case of emergency, they may help you a lot.

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