Every minute your 2.5 lakh rupees are wasted in the parliament

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New Delhi: Parliament’s monsoon session began on Wednesday, this session will run until August 10. On the very first day of the session, there was a fierce ruckus in the Lok Sabha. Even earlier, the proceedings of the Parliament have been stalled due to such ruckus. Even during the last winter session, all the work was put to a stop in the parliament due to such ruckus. But do you know that every minute your 2.5 lakhs of rupees are wasted in the parliament.

MPs remuneration 

Every MP gets 50 thousand rupees every month as salary, 45 thousand as constituency allowance, 15 thousand for office expenses and 30 thousand rupees for keeping a secretary. In other words, every MP gets Rs 1 lakh 40 thousand rupees every month. Apart from this, an MP gets travelling allowances for 34 air travels, unlimited trains and buses in an year.

The number of working days in the parliament
There are usually three sessions in Parliament in one year. out of these if we minus the holidays then two to three months are reduced. Which makes it to be, only 70 to 80 working days, but for the last few years, there is trend where due to any sort of ruckus the parliament proceedings are stopped and then no work is done. In 1982 only Parliament had only 80 working days.

Expenditure on the proceedings of Parliament
During the winter session in the Lok Sabha, Rs. 144 crores were spent. Whereas, the Parliament functioned only for 90 hours. The cost of each hour came to be Rs.14 crore 4 lakh. Apart from that 138 crores and 6 crores are spend on MPs’ remuneration, allowances and housing costs. In the current year, the second phase of the budget session lasted till 6 April. This year the second  budget session went on till April 6, during this time discussed for 14.1 hours in the Lok Sabha and 11.2 hours in the Rajya Sabha.

No work was done during the winter session of 2010
According to statistics, the winter session of 2010 was the worst session. This was followed by the of Parliament sessions of 2013 and 2016. Between 2010 and 2014, 900 hours of Parliament were wasted. So calculate how many crore rupees of the common man was wasted.

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