Every Second child Suffer From Malnutrition

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U.P. has 1 crore 48 lakh 64 thousand 117 children affected by multi-dimensional nutritional issues.  

Despite several health schemes/programs for children, the fact remains that 49.9% children of below the age of 5, still suffer from malnutrition. Malnutrition is a critical health condition caused by unbalanced diet or insufficient food. It weakens mental ability as well as physical growth. A report by Saujanya Tripathi for

According to a report by Indian Human Survey, 52.81% children were affected by malnutrition in 1992. The government launched several programs to tackle this situation. UNICEF also came forward to assist with the supply of food supplement and milk. A survey undertaken in 1993 showed that the programs had a marginal effect and 51.20% children were still suffering from malnutrition.  However, through sustained efforts, the figure came down to 38.4% by1997. But this jumped to 46.3% in 1999 and even higher at 49.9% in 2011.According to official data, more than 43% children below 5 years of age are still suffering from malnutrition in India. Poverty is the major cause of malnutrition, a report by the USA based Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative reveals. The report says that around 31% of the children in the world belong only to India. In other words, 68.9 crores of poor children are in Indian.

The figure of malnutrition-affected poor children is 8% for Nigeria, 7% for Ethiopia and 6% for Pakistan. India is ranked 37th among the world’s 103 countries as far as percentage of poor children to the total population is concerned.

In Uttar Pradesh, the total population of children (below 6 years)  is 2,97,28,235, out of which around 1,48,64,117 children are affected with malnutrition or undernourishment. Although a budget of Rs 3000 crore has been sanctioned jointly by the Uttar Pradesh and the central government it has failed to reduce the problem of malnutrition.

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