Everything was on the right track during those 2 years

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New Delhi: Nowadays, most people complain about government system. People complain about trains arriving late. Complaints of bribery and corruption are common. But do you know that this country has had such a 2 year when everything under the government was on the right track? Everything. the government system has always been taunted for its unpunctual and lethargic attitude, but everything was happening at the right time during those two years.

When India was on the right track

While the Emergency of 1975-77 was a great blow to India in political terms, it was a period of significant economic growth. From agricultural output, industrial production, and inflation to the number of workdays lost to strikes and labour unrest, all major economic indicators were positive for the Indian economy

The country had changed in those 2 years

During the Emergency, Freedoms were curtailed and people, especially of the opposition parties and media, had to suffer and witness challenging days. Many were jailed and many became silent fearing imprisonment. Passenger trains started running on time. The government staff were seen reaching office on time. The rate of corruption in offices had gone down. The benefits of government plans and policies reached the common man. 

How long did the emergency last

Indira Gandhi removed the Emergency on March 21, 1977, and with this, the country returned to its old trend. Where corruption chaos and the old non-functioning in the official system prevailed. Yes, the Emergency brought ordinary people to prisons. Many times news of sterilization took place to minors, but there were good days in the country for those 2 years.

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