Fatigue measurement to reduce on-road accidents

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By- Mukta Kaushik

Till very recently fatigue was not even considered as one of the reasons that can lead to a road accident. However, a survey carried out in 2015 revealed that fatigue contributes 4% towards road fatalities and 2% of all road casualties. But the true total is believed to be considerably higher because though alcohol and drugs can be tested for but till now there is no test for measuring fatigue.

But now scientists at Sleep Research Center at the University of Surrey has revealed a new test that can soon identify drivers who are too tired to be on the road and employers to assess fitness level of their staff.

For this scientists enrolled 36 healthy adults to study how sleep deprivation could be detected in their blood. Some were made to stay awake for 40 hours then their blood samples were collected and changes in genes were measured. A computer program identified 68 genes that would tell about the sleep status of the individual with 92% accuracy.

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