Find out whether your Facebook data was harvested by Cambridge Analytica

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Facebook has launched a new tool titled ‘Protecting Your Information,’ it contains a link to let you see what apps you use and what information you have shared with them. The tools let you check whether your data was harvested by Cambridge Analytica. Starting today, Facebook’s 2.2 billion users began to receive a notification on their newsfeed.

A separate tool lets you manually check whether you or your friends logged into the ‘This Is Your Digital Life’ quiz responsible for the data grab. Around 87 million users who may have had their information shared with Cambridge Analytica will get a more detailed message explaining this, according to Facebook.

However, the whistleblower behind the revelations about the consultancy firm says the true number affected by the scandal could be far higher.

Facebook is still reeling from its worst privacy crisis in history, which saw Trump-affiliated company Cambridge Analytica use data mining to try and influence the US presidential election.

A class action lawsuit filed against the firm yesterday is now seeking compensation for the roughly 70 million US users who were affected as ‘Facebook stood idly by’ while Cambridge Analytica ‘sucked down’ their data.

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