Fog disrupts trains and flights; 21 Trains Cancelled

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NEW DELHI: Train and flight services have been affected for the third day in a row due to the thick fog in the Capital and several other parts of North India.13 trains have rescheduled, 59 delayed and 21 others cancelled.

Flights at the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) airport have also been equally affected with 8 flights being delayed.

The government had yesterday said that it is monitoring the situation and is trying to bring some improvement in the system after flight services went for a toss due to heavy fog in the last few days. Yesterday 40 domestic and 26 international flights were delayed.

Significantly, both private airport operator and airlines had claimed full preparedness to carry out flight operations on their parts ahead of the fog season.

Take-offs at Delhi airport require a minimum RVR (runway visual range) of 125 metres and landings can take place with a minimum RVR of 50 metres

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