Food shortage might hit the country, farmers go on strike

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Mandsaur: Mandsaur has yet again become the epicentre of Farmer’s unrest. Various farmer groups in and around the Mandsaur district of Madhya Pradesh will be protesting for fair crop prices and seeking justice for six persons who were killed in police firing on 6 June last year.

Naming the strike days

The agitation days have been given different names. 5th June would be called dhikkar diwas, 6th June -Shahadat diwas,  8th June Asahyog diwas and 10th June would be declared as Bharat band. Shiv Kumar alias Kakka, the leader of the farmers, left the RSS in Madhya Pradesh said that the entire cost of production, including the cost of MSP and land, will be one and a half times

The Mandsaur firing

Last year, six farmers had lost their lives in police firing during a farmers’ agitation on June 6 in Mandsaur, launching widespread protests across Madhya Pradesh, which is all set to go to polls later this year. The central government had deployed over 1,100 personnel from the anti-riot force and 600 Rapid Action Force (RAF) personnel to control the agitating farmers.

The CM’s approach:

Addressing a convention of tendu leaves’ collectors in Mandsaur on Wednesday, CM Chouhan accused Congress of turning the peaceful Madhya Pradesh into a centre of discord. Congress wishes for bloodshed, alleged the CM. He deputed a man with a cotton bag to go around collecting applications and letters of grievances from the farmers for speedy redressal. Urging the public to not be misled by the Congress, the CM claimed that no government has done so much as his government has done for farmers.

Congress president Rahul Gandhi is also set to launch his political campaigning on the same day, marking one year of the 2017  Mandsaur firing.

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