Four arrested in Jehanabad molestation case, onlookers shot video rather than rescuing minor

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Patna: Four persons in Bihar’s Jehanabad district have been arrested for molesting a minor girl. The case shocked the nation after a  video of the incident went viral on social media sites. The video, which was captured by a local, shows a minor girl being hounded and molested by a group of youths in broad daylight. The incident took place on Saturday. The video of which went viral on social media

Jehanabad’s Superintendent of Police Manish Kumar informed that a special investigation team (SIT) arrested four of the accused and the others too have been identified and a hunt is on to arrest them.

The SIT has seized a motorbike seen in the video. 4 people have been arrested in connection with the case. According to police official Shayam Sundar Singh, an FIR was lodged against seven people involved in the case. Further, two SITs have also been constituted to investigate the incident.

According to the Hindustan Times, the survivor of the molestation is a 14-year-old girl.

Onlookers shot the video

Some onlookers shot a video of the incident instead of helping the minor girl, all the while she pleaded with the men and resisted their attacks, News18 reported. According to the report’s details of the video, the girl tried to fight back as six or seven men tried to rip her clothes while lifting her off her feet. The girl kept looking at the camera and crying for help as the video continued to be shot without any hindrance

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