Imran khan seems winning the race! know how

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Islamabad: Pakistan general election heating up with each minute. Former cricketer turned politician Imran Khan, finds difficult to get a majority. But on the other side of the story Mumbai bomb blast 2008 mastermind, Hafiz Saeed has been defeated by the Pakistani voters.

Hafiz Saeed has alleged rigging on polls.
Founder of the terrorist organization like Jamaat-ud-Dawa and Lashkar-taiba Hafiz Saeed’s political party Mili Muslim League fails to get even one seat in this general election. Hafiz Saeed contested the election on 265 seats. In which his party was unable to win even on one seat in this general election. Hafiz Saeed blamed home mistery and election commision for rigging polls.

Nawaz Shareef’s party PML-N blamed election poll.
Jailed and former Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif blamed election commision for fraud in this general election. Nawaz’s party manage to get 58 seats on the other side Imran’s party was ahead with 137 seats. Where Bilawal Bhutto’s party the People’s party with 38 seats. Other independents party are ahead in 50 seats.

Pakistan nation assembly has 342 seats on which direct elections are contested on 272 seats. 60 seats reserved for women’s and 10 seats are reserved for other religious minority. The party who able to manage 5% vote in this general election can send their representatives according to the proportional representation on these reserved seats. A party can only form the government on its own when it gets 172 seats.

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