Genie elopes with Rs. 50,000 in New Delhi

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New Delhi: A genie disappeared with 50 thousand rupees in the country’s capital. The victims receive duplicate notes in return. 

Where the incident took place?

This incident took place at Aaya Nagar of Fatehpur Beri Police Station area of Delhi. A  man had called a Tantrik to get his wife treated. The tantrik said that he’d be needing the help of  a genie in order to cure his wife. The tantrik then constructed a pit for the genie and kept rupees 50,000 in it and later the tantrik disappeared. When the man went back to look into the pit, he found duplicate Rs. 50,000 notes.

Beats middleman in anger

The man was enraged when he found that the tantrik had cheated on him. He called Salahuddin who introduced him to the tantrik. According to the police, Salahuddin has welding shop near the mosque in Chhattarpur.

Why was the tantrik called:

According to the police, the victim was disturbed by the ill-health of  his wife.  He then discussed this issue with Sakahudin who suggested him to consult a tantrik named Salim. Salhudin convinced the victim that the tantrik will fully cure his wife. the tantrik first took Rs 500 from the victim.  Then on 23rd June with the help of Salahudin the tantrik entered the victim’s home at 11 o’clock in the night.

The forgery: 

When Salim reached the victim’s house, he said that he’d be calling a genie in a separate room. He said that the wife’s illness will only be cured when the genie arrives. Then Salim dug a hole in the ground and asked the victim to keep 50 thousand rupees in the pit. The victim did not have 50 thousand rupees at that time. By the morning, the victim managed to arranged the money and put it in the pit. After that the tantrik Salim performed all sorts of ritual the whole night. Salim asked the victim the next morning to go to Hazrat Nizamuddin’s dargah and return from there and take out the amount from the pit. He took the victim with him. After reaching the dargah, he found Salim had disappeared. 

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