Germany Is The Best

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  • Germany ranks top, followed by France and Denmark

Global advisory firm Henley & Partners issued a Quality of National Index (QNI) for the year 2016, which is a ranking of nationalities based on the level on the levels of freedom and quality of life citizens enjoy. The study was conducted by law professor Dimitry Kochenov and published by UK-based international immigration consultants Henley & Partners. Researchers from Henley & Partners mine and collect data from the World Bank, the International Air Transport Association, the Institute for Economics and Peace to judge the opportunities and limitations based on an individual’s nationality. Each country garners an aggregate score based on their economic prosperity, human development, political stability and the ease of travel and overseas employment opportunities for its citizens.

Germany scored the highest, 82.7% in the nationality index as it lets its people develop their talents and businesses. More than a simple nation brand perception index, the QNI posits to be the world’s only objective measure of nationality. Germany ranked first in the list, and is closely followed by France and Denmark, which share the second position with 81.3%. Afghanistan ranked the least with a score of 14.6%. The giants of the World are not very well ranked in the Index, UK raked 12th on the list with 79.2% because of the Brexit controversy. Another giant, US ranked 29th on the list with just 68.8%, due to its rules on low settlement freedom.

List of top 10 countries:


2. France
2. Denmark
3. Iceland
4. Sweden
5. Norway
6. Finland
7. Austria
7. Italy
8. Netherlands
9. Switzerland
10. Spain

Overall global quality of nationalities went up by 0.75% and in comparison to 2015 only 45 nations lost value in the year 2016. 140 nations increased in value in 2016, and the global mean score was 39.32%.

The nations were divided into various sections depending on the score:

Sections No of Nations
Extremely High Quality (75% and above) 28
Very High Quality (above 50%) 17
High Quality (between 35% and 49.9%) 43
Medium Quality (between 20% and 34.9%) 93
Low Quality (below 20%) 14

Timor-Leste was the highest climber, moving up 31 places to land at 95th place. On the other extreme Senegal dropped the most, losing 16 positions to reach the 104th place.


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