This company to sell real diamonds at one tenth price

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London: Diamond is forever! Quotes the world’s largest diamond selling company De Beers. The company has a good news for all the diamond lovers.
The company announced today that it will start selling man-made diamond jewelry at a fraction of the price of mined gems, marking a historic shift for the world’s biggest diamond miner, which vowed for years that it wouldn’t sell stones created in laboratories.
The 130 year old Diamond selling giant De Beers has come up with this astonishing plan to manufacture Diamonds in the lab. Unlike imitation gems such as cubic zirconia, diamonds grown in labs have the same physical characteristics and chemical makeup as mined stones. They’re made from a carbon seed placed in a microwave chamber and superheated into a glowing plasma ball. The process creates particles that can eventually crystallize into diamonds in weeks. The technology is so advanced that experts need a machine to distinguish between synthesized and mined gem
According to De Beer the diamonds manufactured in the lab  are absolutely similar to those wiach are naturally produced. Diamonds are recognized through the triple C –  Cut, Clarity and Colour and these lab manufactured diamonds possess all the three vital elements. Presently 1-carat diamond costs 56000 rupees in De Beers
The company has decided to sell these diamonds under the brand name Lightbox.
  • Fine paticles of carbon would be inserted
  • Methane and hydrogen gas will be infused in the machine
  • These gases would be lit at 3000 degree celcius.
  • In addition to this the same pressure would be applied inside the machine as, the natural dimaond undergoes.
  • The heat will convert these carbon particles into diamonds

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