Hafiz Saeed, Lashkar a liability: Pakistan Foreign Minister

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U.S. must share blame, says Khawaja Muhammad Asif..

The U.S. shares the responsibility for the rise of jihad in South Asia, Pakistan Foreign Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif told an audience in New York, adding that Islamabad’s cooperation in America’s proxy war against the Soviet Union is what brought upon the current turmoil in his country.During an interaction at the Asia Society, Mr. Asif accused America of using Pakistan for its strategic objectives and then discarding it.

“Pakistan has stood very firmly with the U.S. in the Soviet war which was a wrong decision. It was a proxy war. We were used and discarded,” the Minister said, refusing to accept the entire blame for the rise of Islamism and terrorism in the region. “It is a collective sin or mistake that we made. You should not have left the way you did after the end of the Cold War,” he said, adding “we have made mistakes.”

The Minister said President Donald Trump’s new policy towards the region, in which he blamed Pakistan for terrorism “wasn’t surprising but disappointing.”

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