Instagram and Snapchat outrun Facebook

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California: The much loved social Media platform Facebook recently has shown a sharp decline in its popularity. According to findings from a recent Pew Research Center survey Facebook is no longer the most used social media platform among U.S. teens. Facebook has come down to the fourth position from “first” place in its last teen survey in 2015.

Of the 13-17-year-olds surveyed for the “Teens, Social Media and Technology 2018” report, 85 percent said they use YouTube, 72 percent said they used Instagram, and 69 percent said they use Snapchat (the values reached more than 100 percent combined because multiple answers were allowed). Roughly half of the teens surveyed, 51 percent, said they are Facebook users.

Reason for the decline

Facebook encountered several significant troubles in recent years. The Cambridge Analytica scandal which came to light earlier in 2018 saw Facebook used to harvest personal data from estimated tens of millions of users. In 2016, Facebook also failed to combat fake news which many attributed to Donald Trump’s 2016 Presidential Election (the last Pew teen survey was also conducted before this event).

Pew Research

The Pew Research Center is a U.S.-based institute that investigates current trends and issues facing the world. Its “Teens, Social Media and Technology 2018” survey is based on interviews with 1,058 parents with teens aged 13-to-17, and 743 teens. It uses the NORC AmeriSpeak panel, designed to represent the U.S. household population. More details on the methodology can be found here.

Facebook removes trending section

Facebook is removing its Trending news topic section starting next week, along with products and third-party integrations that rely on the Trends API. According to Facebook’s research, people found it to be less useful over time and the company said that content in the Trending topics section accounted for fewer than 1.5 per cent of clicks to news publishers on average.

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