Signs of a True Gentleman

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By Mukta kaushik

NEW DELHI : The idea of the Gentleman grew out of the traditions of knighthood. While concepts of knighthood and honor have lost relevance, some of the behaviors of that time still have meaning and purpose. The core idea behind the knight and gentleman are similar: Protect the weak and defenseless, show compassion and mercy, speak the truth, and be courteous to others, especially women. So, to make things easier for women to identify a gentleman from the crowd, there are certain pointers that may be used.

20 Behaviors of a True Gentleman:
1. Opens Doors
A gentleman holds the door for others to go in. He definitely opens the gate for women and lets them go through first.

2. On Time
A gentleman shows up on time and does not leave others waiting. Not only is being on time courteous, but it shows you value other people’s time.

3. Walks Closest to the Curb
Putting oneself between the danger and the defenseless is what a gentleman does.

4. Offers his Jacket
If a woman is cold and doesn’t have adequate clothing, then the gentleman if having jacket would graciously give it to a woman. Thus, sacrificing personal comfort to make a lady comfortable.

5. Helps Her Be Seated
Gentleman pulls out a chair for the accompanying woman and helps her move the seat closer to the table.

6. He is Courteous
Uses small words like “Please and Thank you”, which though small are symbols of courtesy and respect. These are minor things and costs nothing, but can earn you a reputation.

7. Offers His Seat
Offers his seat to anybody in need. Thus, sacrificing small comforts for a short commute.

8. Offers his Arm
When out on date and walking, offers his arm. Women like walking arm-in-arm.

9. Has Table Manners
Appropriate table manners mean a lot and show that you are not some uncouth barbarian. If one is at BBQ joint, it’s okay to use fingers and get messy. But, if eating at a restaurant with silver-ware, knife and fork are there for a reason.

10. Is Not Rude to People

Even if the service is horrible, take the high road and be polite. That’s how a gentleman behaves. This shows that he can restrain his emotions, and shows empathy and basic respect for others.

11. Picks Up the Check
A gentleman reaches for the check, and in most cases also insists on paying. The rare occasions when a gentleman does not pick up the checks, he at least makes attempt to get a check and puts up a token struggle before giving in. when picks up a check, never expects anything in return.

12. Is Attentive
When you are talking, he pays attention. Doesn’t fiddle with a phone or watch the TV in the background. Also notices how other person looks and compliments a woman.

13. Keeps his Word
If a gentleman says he is going to be somewhere or do something, he does it.
14. Keeps a Secret
If a gentleman is told something then that information goes into the vault. He does not blab it to others.

15. Does Not kiss and Tell
Nobody needs to know how your significant other looks like without clothes, how good they are in the sack and what freaky things they like. A gentleman never discusses such stuff.

16. Does not Hit Woman
A gentleman’s way is to protect the innocent even at the cost of their own life. A gentleman never hurts a woman. The only exception to this is when a woman is trying to kill innocent. Outside of extreme circumstances, a man should never lay his hands on a woman in anger.

17. Waits for others to get their Food Before Eating
When at a restaurant, a gentleman waits until everyone has been served before starting to eat. It shows patience and courtesy.

18. Is Honest
A gentleman tells the truth even if it hurts.

19. Gets Stuff Done
A gentleman knows how to do stuff and get things done. Gentleman can fix the car, splint a broken limb, change baby’s diaper or can also cook dinner.

20. Protects the Defenseless
Gentleman is a warrior and stays ready to jump into harm’s way to protect the innocent.

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