Know how the Gujarati Patels held the Indian flag high in the US

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New Delhi: PM Modi praised the Gujaratis living in America saying that you are called ‘Hotel Motel Vala Patel’. You might be thinking why did PM say this praising the Patels?  You will be stunned to know how Gujarati Patels held the Indian flag high in America.

  • According to Smithsonian magazine, half of American hotels and motels are owned by Indians.
  • In America, 22 thousand hotels and motels belong to Indians.
  • The market value of these hotels and motels are $ 12 million.
  • Out of these hotels and motels, 70 per cent are owned by people of Gujarati origin. Americans have only 30 per cent hotels and motels in their hands.
  • Out of the 22 thousand hotels, 75  per cent ownership belong to the Gujratis. In Gujarati. 
  • According to the survey done by the US school of business at the University of York USA, it was found that 2,57,000 Gujrati Patels reside there.
  • Among the top 500 surnames in America “Patel” is at the 174th position.

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