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Lending to Minorities increased by 10.68%

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The growth of the banking sector has been exponential in the past few years. The banks are paying considerable attention to the minority groups with an increase in their lending. The majority of lending in the minority sector is done in the Muslim community. Being the largest bank, the State Bank of India leads in the lending to the minorities. A report by Ishi Arya:

With an increase in the population the financial needs of the minorities, in particular, the banks are extending helping hand in a big way. The number of lending accounts among minorities has increased from 1, 11, and 46,581 in the year 2014 to 1, 22, 10,439 in the year 2015 which is an 8.7% increase. The amount of lending has also seen a major jump with an increase of 10.68% from 2014 to 2015, which is more than the increase in the number of lending accounts. It signifies that the average lending per person has increased over the past years.

Lending to Muslims by State Bank of India

The number of accounts in the year 2015 increased by almost 1.8% and the lending increased by 7.9% which is less than the percentage increase in the last year. Among the minorities, Muslims had 57.31% accounts in the year 2014 and in the year 2015 this went up to 58.03%. Dena Bank fares worst in the case of lending and stands at the bottom of the list of banks providing funds to the minorities.

Same is the case of Christians, SBI has the highest number of accounts and the amount of lending is also the highest. The increase in the number of the lending accounts from the year 2013 to 2015 has been 12.48% and the amount of lending to the Christians increased by 29.66%. The amount of lending has almost doubled from the year 2013 to 2014. The number of accounts of the Sikh community decreased from the year 2013 at 3,52,293 to 3,09,944 in the year 2014 but it picked up speed again in the year 2015 at 3,14,796 accounts.

The Jains, Buddhist, and Zoroastrian communities account dipped from 5, 72,914in 2013 to 4, 63,941 in 2014 but increased to 5, 74, 691 in the year 2015. There was a sharp increase in accounts in the year 2015 by 19.27%. The amount of lending has been increasing constantly even when the number of accounts was decreasing in the year 2014. The overall lending of the Dena Bank increased from the year 2013 from 42,562 number of accounts to 48,381 in the year 2015. The trend of the increase could not last for very long and the number of accounts decreased to 39,173 in the year 2015. The worst fraying bank in the field of lending to the minority sector can be said is the Dena Bank.

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