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Low Salt Diets does not affect Blood Pressure

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Blood Pressure is regulated by Hormones

Magnesium and Calcium intake required to control Sodium content in salt

Deepali Agrahari, Lucknow

Often people believe salt intake controls blood pressure. However, it is only partially true as salt content in our food does not affect our blood pressure only.

According to the Health Specialists, the minerals like magnesium, calcium, and potassium present in bananas and potatoes are essential to control BP, which people generally ignore to take.

Dr. Satendra Pratap Singh Maurya, a Lucknow-based Heart Specialist, and General Physician state “Though it is vital to take the right quantity of salt in our diet, but this is a myth that lowering the quantity of salt in our diet controls our blood pressure. In fact, there are some hormones in our body that are responsible for regulating our BP.”

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According to Dr. Sumit Kumar Mishra, an Ayurveda Specialist – Rock salt is rich in minerals and it contains more of NaCl(Sodium Chloride), which if used in our diet daily replenishes the deficiency of minerals in our body. Daily consumption of cardamom is also very healthy for us.

Dr. Lynne Moore of the Boston University of Medicine after his 16 years of research deduced that mostly people with high BP lessens the quantity of salt in their diet for they believe it would help them control their BP and their vulnerability to heart diseases will also reduce. However, this is not the right way to cure high BP. He further adds that this has also not been evidenced by any of researches done so.

However, National Health Service of Britain advises not to take more than 6 grams of salt i.e. 2.5 grams of sodium in their daily diet, while WHO warns of not more than 5 grams of daily salt consumption.

As per a study published in Journal of Hypertension- Every Indian on an average takes 10.98 grams every day, which is quite high than the recommended quantity.

Dr. Moore claims that lowering salt consumption is not good for everyone.It could be good for one but it will necessarily benefit the other person, this is not certain. In fact reducing salt intake could make a person susceptible to heart diseases.

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