Modi to meet Chinese president Xi Jinping in Wuhan

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Wuhan: Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping are set to meet on Friday, to define a pathway that could transform India-China ties into a major force for tackling global problems. The two countries can work together to fulfil common global aspirations.

On Friday, Prime Minister Modi and President Xi Jinping will meet in the famous villa, which was once Mao Zedong’s retreat. The property a total of three buildings at the bank of the East Lake of Wuchang is set amid pine, bamboo and plum trees. A boat ride by the two principals or a walk among the pines is expected during the two-day event.

After a short one-on-one meeting and the tour of the museum, both leaders will move for two rounds of delegation-level talks with six representatives from each side. Dinner will be hosted by President Xi at the East Lake Guest House in central Wuhan.

On Saturday, both leaders are expected to spend more time together in one-on-one talks with just interpreters accompanying the two leaders. Prime Minister Modi and President Xi will walk along the banks of a lake and take a ride on a boat together in an effort to try and cement the strong chemistry they had developed in earlier summit meetings.

Both Indian and Chinese officials are keen to stress that the entire two-day summit is entirely informal with no fixed agenda whatsoever. Ahead of his departure, the PM said in a statement, “President Xi and I will exchange views on a range of issues of bilateral and global importance. We will also review the developments in the India-China relations from a strategic and long-term perspective.”

There may not be any joint statement at the end of the talks and neither side wants to be bogged down by outstanding issues which remain a thorn in equations between the two nations. This includes the fallout of the 73-day Doklam standoff of last year when the armies of both countries stood eyeball-to-eyeball in a high altitude area claimed by Bhutan but occupied by China.

Similarly, India has concerns about its sovereignty being affected by the China Pakistan Economic Corridor that passes through Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. Beijing has also blocked India’s entry into the Nuclear Suppliers Group and has avoided declaring Hafiz Saeed a globally designated terrorist.

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