Diabetes? These are the myths related to insulin.

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New Delhi: if you are suffering from diabetes and you are unable to control. then the doctor asks you to take the insulin injection. Patients get very worried about insulin. and the major reason is “myths” related to insulin. so we are letting you know about those most common myths preached by the diabetic patient.
These are few common myths :
* Usually diabetic patients think using insulin can be painful. but it’s not true insulin syringes are thin enough that doesn’t cause pain
* Quite a few number of patients don’t count insulin helpful. but a matter of fact is taking insulin at the right time help in controlling diabetes.
* Insulin is not addictive. insulin is not a medicine. In normal conditions body secret insulin on its own.
* During pregnancy consumption of insulin doesn’t affect health.
* The maximum number of people think insulin should be consumed only when diabetes increases. But the truth is doctors recommend consumption of insulin can be done at a very initial stage.
* When doctors recommend insulin patients assume its all because of there unhealthy lifestyle. But the fact is diabetes can never be the same each time, a body needs insulin to maintain the level of glucose.
* Myths say insulin lead to weight gain. but if a healthy lifestyle is maintained the chances of weight gain is less.
* Myths too say that insulin leads to kidney failure, loss of vision and death. truth is all these problems are related to diabetes not with insulin.

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