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No Modern Education in Madrasas

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There are 18632 Madrasas in Uttar Pradesh out of which 3867 are registered. 560 Madrasas are government funded. But they still contemplate on (Deeni Taleem) overlooking modernization plan.

Saujanya Tripathi, Lucknow

Madrasas or Islamic teaching centers are far from being modern in any sense. The students in these seminaries are taught religious matters and the government’s plan of bringing Madrasa students in the mainstream has failed to some extent.

Ulemas and Maulvis are imparting only Islamic education (Deeni Taleem) in Madrasas of UP overlooking government’ SPQEM (Scheme for Providing Quality Education in Madrasas) under which funds are granted to teach subjects like English, Science/technology, Mathematics, and Computer etc. The government gives grant to the Madrasas for payment of salary to teachers of modern subjects but most of the Madrasas do not make honest use of the grant.

One of the reasons behind it is that the orthodox Muslims fear weakening of their religious hierarchy. Arif Siddiqui, a police officer says that it is orthodoxy of Maulvis who support Madrasa Taleem. Although government has been doing at its best to remove illiteracy among the community but the orthodoxy and self-interests are the main hindrance in changing the decadent educational system of Madrasas.

Misappropriation of funds

There are 18632 madrasas in U.P. out of which 3867 are registered with UP Madrasa Education Board. Only 560 of such institutions are being given grants. The Central government has recently announced Rs1, 000 crore for SPQEM (Scheme for Providing Quality Education in Madrasas). UP’s previous government also had sanctioned Rs 777 crore for Madrasas but these institutes did not teach English, Science, math, etc., though they regularly received financial grants.

The state government had initiated probe into irregularity inquiry of all Madrasas which take grants for appointment of teachers. It was suspected that large scale misappropriation of funds was made by the institutions. To cite two examples, In Aligarh there are 40 registered Madrasas out of which 4 receive government grants against which inquiry has been set up following complaints of irregularity. Out of 384 government-aided madrasas of Azamgarh 3 were found running only on paper while 16 had no any trained teacher.

modernization plan

According to the Chairman of Uttar Pradesh Madrasa Shiksha Parishad (UPMSP), Qazi Zainus Sajideen, Islamic orthodoxy is forcing the poor Muslim parents to send their wards only to unregistered/non-funded Madrasas where’s educational pattern is based on Deeni Taleem.

According to Shameem, an office bearer of the Minority Welfare Department, Lucknow, a large number of madrasas are running only on paper in Uttar Pradesh. He reveals that 118 government-aided madrasas are drawing financial aid and even they are not following the

Students in Madrasas of UP

Tahtaniya (class from 1 to 5) – 8, 33,400

Faukania (6 to 8 class) – 5, 87,100

Alia (Above class 8) 3, 75,296

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