No need of Police Verification to obtain Passport

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  • Passport Seva Kendra and Crime and Crime Tracking Networks and Systems (CCTNS) will be connected

An occasion to rejoice for the general people who are planning to get a passport made. Now people don’t need to wait for the police verification as the Government is planning to connect Passport Seva Kendra to Crime and Crime Tracking Networks and Systems (CCTNS). If the data is uploaded and connected with the CCTNS, all the relevant information of the applicant is available with a single click and the verification process would be complete. The shifting process would take almost a year for implementation. More information by Dharmendra Tripathi:

Aspiring travelers need not worry about getting their passports made in time or the police verification process wherein extra amount needs to be paid every time. Central Home Secretary Rajeev Maharshi has informed about connecting CCTNS with the Foreign Ministry’s Passport Seva Kendra programe to make Police Verification simple and easy. After the implementation, all the verification process will be completed online and the Police personnel will not be able to pocket the extra change.

CCTNS Already Under Way in Some States

Central Home Secretary informs that, in various areas CCTNS is already in use and the Police personnel use hand held devices to record data into the CCTNS. All the data will be entered electronically and will be connected to the main network of CCTNS, which will decrease the processing time. Recently Home Minister Rajnath Singh started a Digital Police Portal under the CCTNS, where the data regarding the crime and criminals will be recorded. The portal will be helpful in checking the background records and can also be used to register criminal cases.

Reports will be Available through Police Portal

11 searches and 46 reports will be available to the State Police and Central Police as told by Rajnath Singh. National Investigation and Research Agencies will be provided their own log-ins. Rajnath Singh also informed that almost 7 crore cases are recorded under the CCTNS and the transparency will help Prime Minister Narendra Modi achieve the dream of ‘Minimum Government, Effective Governance’.

15398 Police Stations of India will be connected digitally

 The data regarding crimes and criminals will be available at the finger tips of the Investigative personnel. All the data through CCTNS will be made available to the 15398 police stations across India and 5000 offices of Additional Police Officers will also be connected. Initial Reports or FIRs registered at any station will be made available throughout the country through CCTNS.

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