Nose picking

Nose picking, a Health Boon!!

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US Scientists claim health benefits of nose picking

Bacteria present in the mucus boosts immunity system

Remedy to Digestive problems

Deepali Agrahari, Lucknow

Since childhood, we have been taught to develop good healthy habits. As a child we have always been scolded innumerable times for putting our finger in the nose and eating the booger. Rebuked for nose picking, our elders have always explained it to be a socially offensive and unhygienic habit. But now the doctors and researchers claim nose picking, a healthy habit.

DrPankajSrivastava, an ENT Specialist from Lucknow states that it has been observed that soil eating children have better immunity as compared to kids not eating it. He further added that the dust particles in the air get trapped in the mucus which forms a layer in the nose. This layer is believed to be very dirty and unhealthy for kids. When small kids finger up their nose and then put it in their mouth, the mucus reaches their digestive tracts. Surprisingly, this mucus helps improve the digestive system of kids and helps in digestion related problems. Some mothers are often seen concerned about their kids’ suffering from running nose. They feel that the mucus swallowed is harming for their young one; but actually this accidental mucus intake is good for their digestion.

Mucus contains some good Bacteria

A research study done by the scientists from Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology found good bacteria present in the nose mucus and that these bacteria help to fight against the bad bacteria present in our teeth.

An article published in a magazine of American Society in Microbiology explained the health benefits of bacteria present in the nose mucus. It also claimed that this bacterium prevents us from infections through respiration, stomach ulcers and even from HIV.

Dr Scott Napper, Professor at Biochemistry Department, University of Saskatchewan states, “picking your nose and eating it may be good for your health”.

Dr Sanjay Niranjan, a renowned pediatrician also expressed his views in this regard. According to him, people who finger up their nose, sometimes a bacterium namely, Staphylococcus Aureus, enters their body which causes infection. He further stated that firstly it is a bad habit and secondly it is harmful for our health. However, nose picking is helpful in eliminating dead waste.

  • Some people finger up their noses to clean it, mothers also use cotton buds to clean their baby’s nasal mucus. So in this sense nose picking is a good habit.
  • It is better to avoid nose picking publically as it is not socially acceptable.
  • Often too much of scratching damages nose from inside, and the blood may ooze out.

DrSumit Kumar Mishra, an Ayurvedic doctor from KGMU states that nose picking is a bad habit. Drinking water in empty stomach kept in a copper jug for the whole night has great health benefits.

Nose picking
Child fingering his nose

Our Body has some Good Bacteria

In 2013, researchers from Norway claim that micrococcus leteus found in the nasal mucus protects us from skin cancer. He considers it as a wonder “sunscreen” that absorbs ultra violet radiations. Bifidobacteriumanimalis, a bacterium present in the stomach intestines improves our immunity, digestion and lowers cholesterol levels. Streptococcus thermophiles is used as a probiotic that helps in digestion of lactose present in milk as well as helps fight against diarrhea.

nose picking
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Shortly, synthetic mucus will be available in the market

Katharina Ribbeck of Biological Engineering Department of MIT along with her fellow researchers is working in this direction and is all set to formulate a synthetic mucus antibiotic that would help children from bacterial attack and protect them against the infections.

She is also aiming to use this synthetic mucus to prepare toothpaste and chewing gum, hoping it would help prevent dental cavities among kids.

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