Patna flyovers to go green, climbers to be planted on all pillars

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Patna: Pollution is now a problem in all big cities. According to a WHO recently released a list of the 20 most polluted cities, out of which 14 are Indian cities. Believe it or not, but Patna is the fourth most polluted city in the world. Delhi has been in the news for more than a decade, grappling with the suspended particulate matter in its air, the levels of which are so high that seasonal health warnings have had to be issued. But it’s not just Delhi, pollution is now a problem in all big Indian cities.

Vertical garden at pillar no. 89 of Raja Bazar flyover

Vertical garden on flyovers

History has always taught us to preserve and conserve nature one of the best example is the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, which evokes a romantic picture of lush greenery and colourful flowers cascading from the sky. In an attempt to control the deteriorating air quality of air in Patna, Bihar Rajya Pul Nirman Nigam has come up with a proposal to install a vertical garden on the pillars of flyovers across Patna. The project has started from a  Rajabazar flyover where a vertical garden has already been installed on Pillar number 89. The other 93 pillars of the fly-over will also have similar vertical gardens in the coming six months. Around 2000 plants of different varieties, mainly the indoor air purifying plants, have been installed on one pillar under a structure of iron net for safety.

Plants that are used

The plants are brought from Kolkata while the pots are being procured from Pune. Plants like snake plants, Mahatma , set flora, the sun of India,  haze the sun of India and many other varieties will be used.  The corporation has planned the vertical garden concept on the patterns of Delhi and Bangaluru where the similar concept can be seen.

According to the project, these vertical gardens would be installed on other flyovers.

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