PM Modi pulls a day long fast after Rahul Gandhi’s #fastfood stunt

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BJP leaders including Prime Minister Narendra Modi will observe a day-long fast on Thursday to protest against the washout of Parliament proceedings during the Budget session.

Prime Minister Modi will stick to his daily schedule and work from his residence at 7, Lok Kalyan Marg. Later in the day, he will travel to Kanchipuram near Chennai to inaugurate the defence exposition. Several BJP MPs are likely to observe the fast at district headquarters across the country. BJP president Amit Shah will fast in poll-bound Karnataka, while Union Health Minister J P Nadda will fast in PM Modi’s Lok Sabha constituency of Varanasi.

The BJP’s fast comes days after the Congress held a nationwide fast on April 9 to protest against Dalit atrocities and acts of communal violence that have seen a flare up across the country.  Congress president Rahul Gandhi, however, took on the BJP over a rape case involving its lawmaker. He tweeted: “The atrocities committed on a father who was calling for justice for his daughter in Uttar Pradesh has shamed mankind. It is to be hoped that the Prime Minister will hold a fast soon over the violence against women, the failure of law and order and growing anarchy under the BJP rule”

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